10. November 2017, 10:00 - 12. November 2017, 13:00

International Conference for young adults on COP23 in Bonn

Due to the fact that the UN Climate Change Conference will take place in Bonn this year, we would like to create a forum in which young, climate-politics interested adults can learn and exchange about the conference proceedings and the issues discussed. We will adress not only current challenges of international climate politics, but will include specific measures of implementation of the Paris climate agreement as well:

How can we face climate change and sustain livelihood for future generations? The conference offers plenty of possibilities to establish (international) contacts, create networks and plan further actions for the time beyond the conference. The conference language is English.

10. November 2017, 10:00
12. November 2017, 13:00
Jugendakademie Walberberg, Wingert 1, 53332 Bornheim
Jugendakademie Walberberg, Germanwatch
Reinhard Griep
02227 90902 12

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